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From their Facebook page: Interiors was created mainly as an outlet for my creativity. I began composing and recording songs in my bedroom recording studio and posting them on my page for free, not seeking to profit from it. I came up with the name "Interiors" because so many bands these days focus on their exteriors (i.e. making sure their hair is straight, wearing the right size of skinny jeans, etc.) when in fact, all the music that anyone creates comes from within. From the Interior. So I decided to start taking it seriously. I wasn't in a band at the time so, having no other musical goals to pursue, and I began to make social networking pages and attempt to promote my music. My first real EP, "Of Basic Materials" came out in July, 2012, and was followed by a couple of single releases here or there before the end of the year. I kept on writing and recording and when I felt like I had weeded out the not-so-good songs, and had found the "cream of the crop" I prepared to release a five-song EP, entitled "Syntax."

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