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Charlton’s albums have received extensive worldwide airplay, including on RADIOnuages, (From,SiriusXM Satellite Radio, cable TV’s Music Choice, PRI’s Echoes. Her journey as a recording artist began in 1994 when a selection from her first piano improvisation CD Strange Attractors appeared on millions of consumers’ desktops as an “example” file in Apple Computer’s QuickTime multimedia software. Ensuing recordings earned assorted accolades, including a New Age Finalist nod in the Independent Music Awards, and multiple nominations in the Just Plain Folks music awards. River Dawn: Piano Meditations (2001) and The Undershore (2004) both debuted at #3 on the NAV/NAR (now Zone Music Reporter/ZMR) radio charts.

  • River Flow - Sanctuary
  • 2013 / River Dawn Productions
  • 60’31”
  • A tranquil and evocative 60 minute uninterrupted solo piano performance, the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed River Dawn: Piano Meditations.

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