Music for relaxation and wellbeing now on the acoustiCDigest radio playlist from the new release PEACEFUL JOURNEY by Tron Syversen.

Keyboardist TRON SYVERSEN is back with PEACEFUL JOURNEY and he continues his march to the forefront of the new age music field. His sound encompasses the best of traditional, classic new age music with his piano and keyboards backed by wordless vocalizing and top European musicians on acoustic guitar, violin, cello, flute and English horn. In the past 15 years, Tron Syversen from Norway first became one of the leading new age musicians from Scandinavia and then from all of Europe. With the worldwide release of his last album, PIANO POEMS, he received sales, acclaim and airplay internationally, and that CD went to #6 on the prestigious Zone Music Reporter Top 100 chart.

Syversen tells us...I am from Norway and live close to Oslo. The last 2 years, I have made much music at my cabin close to the sea and the music for several albums at a monastry in Italy close to Assisi. I started taking pianolessons at the age of 7 and joined the schoolband playing trumpet. In 1974 I played in The Kings Guard Band. Today I play trumpet regularly with 2 big bands and piano in a trio.

Now, new ideas often appear in my mind no matter where I am of what I am doing. I then race to find music paper or access to a piano. I can be especially inspired by beauty or by strong emotional responses, such as moods of sadness or happiness.

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