Janice Faber pianist Carried Away

“To be carried away by music... what a gift,” states solo pianist Janice Faber. “Music can take us to a different place in our mind or create a feeling we didn’t have just moments before. Music can bring us peace, and touch our spirits like nothing else can. That's the beauty of music; it can simply carry us away.”
On her third album, Carried Away, Faber musically captures a wide variety of emotions, images and moments inspired by people, places and even different times of the day. The music on this recording, and from her previous CDs Measures of Grace and Rest Assured - Hymns on Piano, is available at CDbaby.com, Amazon.com and a wide variety of on-line digital download sales sites such as iTunes, Rhapsody and eMusic. More information about Faber is at her website (jancefaberpiano.com).
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Measures of GraceRest Assured: Hymns on PianoCarried AwayRest Assured - Hymns on Piano

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