Michele McLaughlin, solo piano WAKING THE MUSE

Michele McLaughlin is a Contemporary New Age Solo Pianist and Composer. Her solo piano music has been described as musical storytelling and is haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching. Her music is enjoyed worldwide and can be heard on several online radio stations, including: Radio Nuages, and BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com, as well as several local, national and international radio stations. Michele performs regularly and has released fourteen albums, many of which have received multiple nominations and awards. She also hosts an in-home concert series called Cozy Corner Concerts which features renowned pianists from all over the US.

"Waking the Muse," highlights. It begins with the title track, a lively piece that expresses a mix of emotions ranging from almost mournful and desperate to anxious and excited with anticipation. "Radiance" is vibrant and alive with happy fingers dancing all over the piano keys. "Spiritual Awakening" was inspired by a serene morning cruise in Alaska and feeling connected to the universe. Sometimes flowing smoothly and sometimes more rhythmic, it's a complex and powerful piece. "Humbled" seems to be a self exploration as well as a musical one - a beauty! "Misty Fjords" is the most carefree and joyful of the pieces on the CD. Inspired by an exhilarating seaplane ride over the Alaskan mountains in Ketchikan, it swirls and leaps with excitement. "Gratitude" is a graceful and heartfelt expression of thanks. "Until We Meet Again" was composed in honor of an uncle who passed away last year. Warm and loving, it also conveys deep sadness. "The Little Red Bird" is a Celtic-tinged improvisation created while a little red bird jumped from branch to branch in a tree outside her window as she played. "Torn" is a deeply poignant heartbreaker overflowing with tears and powerful emotions. "Unrequited Love" is too sad for words, but McLaughlin pours her heart out in one of her most affecting pieces yet, allowing us to share her painful emotions. "Dangerous Obsession" is extraordinary. Very dark and dramatic, the ominous deep bass goes right to the soul. Fury, passion, and frustration cry out from the heart of the piano as well as the pianist, reminding me once again that life's worst experiences often culminate in an artist's best work. ---amazon.com

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