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  • Rudy Adrian Search for Rudy Adrian

  • DashSynthesis - a site selling Virtual Synth Clones for Reaktor - Like the famous KorgWavestation and the RolandAlphaJuno2. -

  • DashAge - music site with NewAge/Electronica/someTechno/Trance and FilmMusic
  • DREAMFIELD are an alternative/ambient band from East-London. 
    ELU Search for ELU

  • JOSEFUS, Stephan "Some of the best Instrumental Music in a Long Time!"  Search for JOSEFUS, Stephan Leitch, Colin  Search for Leitch, Colin

  • MagMusic 

  • Recording  Instrumental New Age music with a theme.  Stop in, win a FREE CD!

  • Larry Kucharz Search for Larry Kucharz For classical minimalism, ambient, space, new age.

  • McKay, Gus Acoustic Guitarist Search for McKay, Gus

  • Loren Nerell  Search for Loren Nerell

  • Craig Padilla  Search for Craig Padilla and I am inviting you to come and listen to my music at: I also have some experimental ambient music at: SoundExplorer Let me know what you think! Yours musically, Craig Padilla (The above URL is the "UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE" that is being run by a really nice "fan" and friend in Norway.)

  • Spectral Voices Search for Spectral Voices ... is a vocal ambient group whose sound comes from human voices rather than instruments and electronics. Their vocal spacemusic is distinctive in its use of harmonic overtone singing, a type of vocal production in which singers sing more than one pitch at a time. The group's debut CD Coalescence -- of harmonic singing recorded live in an extremely reverberant empty water tower -- has won critical acclaim and widespread airplay over the past three years, securing for them, in the words of one reviewer, "a unique place in the ambient music scene, one unlikely to be crowded any time soon." Their follow up CD Sky has already begun charting on NAV's Top 100 since September and most reviewers consider it more astonishing than Coalescence. ~Jim Cole Spectral Spiral Music Spectral P.O. Box 466 S. Glastonbury, CT 06073 USA

  • Whistling Pariah I'm an ambient/experimental musician in the midwest U.S. Description: News, images, and mp3s for ambient/experimental artist Whistling Pariah.
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