Within Memory by Craig Urquhart

Craig Urquhart's seventh solo piano album - Within Memory continues Craig's journey of using the beauty of the piano to reach into and speak to your heart. Within Memory is a nostalgic look at wonderful memories that we all share in our collective and unique way. In the Afternoon is a sweet reflection on spending the afternoon with a friend drinking tea and sharing. Before the Canvas is a memory of an artist standing Before the Canvas surveying his work and then returning to continue, this is also a metaphor for life. Rapture captures the essence of feeling at one with the world. Laid Back is just what is says, a time of just relaxing and remembering. This work has hints of Satie and Gershwin. October Bright Blue celebrates one of those October Bright Blue days in the Northeast, where the sky is blue, the air crisp and the leaves golden. Low Tide is a memory of the low tide of Provincetown, MA. This tide takes the water world away and leaves one deep in their thoughts. Prairie Flowers is an musical image of the flowing flowers of the American Prairie. And the final cut Within Memory is a whistfull, thoughtful and beautiful culmination of a wonderful musical journey. - Review by Bill Binkelman was posted on official web site.

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